our process: question, collaborate, progress, payment


Everything's subjective, so we listen carefully to you. It is your website after all. We'll home in on what you like, and what your customers will want to see. It's all about appropriate design for your audience. And your website will stand out from the crowd, guaranteed. Whether its style is fresh & funky or more traditional & corporate, if you are not delighted with the results we'll eat our hats.


We will register your website's domain - that's the address you type in. Then we'll make sure your email addresses match your website. We can also configure your computer/phone/PDA to read your emails. We'll set up up the web server, create your FTP account and CMS logins. We'll set it all up and show you how to use it. Worried you're not 'technical' and don't get the lingo? Don't worry, we'll make it easy - promise.


We'd love to create your 'identity' - the brand for you, or your organisation. This might also include a logo, either graphical or typographic. It's a subtle thing that seems easy, until you try it. Then it isn't. Luckily, we're rather good at it.


Online marketing is essential to bring your website to the world's attention (assuming you do want that). Without actively promoting your site it won't get noticed and won't bring you that new business you're after. There are several approaches to advertising your site and we'll explain them and suggest the most suitable. E-marketing is usually best done in stages and therefore we sell this service on a day-rate basis.

content management

If you want to edit your website yourself you'll need a Content Management System (CMS). It's something we set up behind the scenes. All you need do is log-on to add pages, upload images, rewrite existing copy, update prices, etc. Frequently changing the content in this way keeps your site fresh, relevant and of interest to your audience. It also scores better in search engine results. It may cost that bit more that a 'static' site but the benefits are obvious.


Having a web presence is sometimes not enough. Your business could be selling its products or services online. If your competitors aren't already doing so they probably will be soon. E-commerce comes in many shapes and sizes from a simple PayPal link to a full blown Magento shopping site. It's always possible to add some e-commerce functionality to your site. Please enquire for more info.

photos & video

What you say is all important, but how you say it makes a huge difference. Quality images transform the experience so we recommend you get professional photos taken. Yup, we have photographers - very good, friendly ones too. We also have professional film-makers (at surprising affordable rates) should you want short videos on your pages to really engage your audience. It's all the rage!


Your new identity should not only look great on screen but also in your hand. As we have many years experience in the inky world we can offer great rates on business cards, letterheads, comp slips, brochures...whatever you require. We also offer a broad range of speciality printing such as posters, canvases, acrylic mounts, and exhibition stands. We can even arrange unusual requests like billboard-sized advertising and metal printing. If it's possible, we can do it.


And finally. We don't just do websites. We also do data, databases and reporting systems. We have a wealth of experience writing business apps in Microsoft SQL Server, Access and Excel. We've spent many years on- and off-site for clients such as The Pensions Regulator, AT&T, and a certain major American bank. We bring all this experience to you and your business.